Carenage Seventh-day Adventist Church
Carenage Seventh-day Adventist Church
Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago

Church Dedication Pictures

Church Dedication Pictures 2

Staying Young


Apple of My Eye

You might wonder what I’m speaking of if I refer to a Golden Russet, Golden Spire, or Golden Supr...


Heart Vision

My friend Rose sees others through God’s heart, recognizing the gifts which He has given her and ...


It’s About Time

Almost everyone I know complains about not having enough time. We’re all busy and wish for more h...



Welcome, the pastor and members of the Carenage Seventh-day Adventist Church extend a warm and

heartfelt welcome to you.

We are so happy you decided to spend some time with us through this site. We hope you feel the warmth of

Jesus flowing through our experiences and history. 

As this site grows we want you to grow with us and the many links will lead you into a richer experience

with our forever friend, Jesus.   

Thank You and May the God of peace reign in your heart.


  "A revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs."

Ellen G. White



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Carenage SDA Church Was Dedicated on 26 January 2014


"We've Come This Far By Faith"










 End It Now



Baptist Pastor/Doctor Understands SabbathTruth 


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  Join Us and the World Church Body of Adventist in starting the BIBLE READING Plan -


It is NOT TOO late to start...








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Adventist Review

Wilson Calls for ‘Good Report’ at Church’s 150th Anniversary

The church leader speaks at Bordoville, the first Adventist church to open in New England in 1864.

‘What Do These Landmark Stones Mean? Bring Back a Good Report’

Transcript of President Ted N.C. Wilson’s sermon at the 150th anniversary of the Bordoville church.

Answered Prayer: 200 Nigerian Schoolgirls 'to Be Freed'

Adventists around the world have prayed for this moment for six months.

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Place: Port of Spain , N/A

Start: 05:43 PM, 10/24/2014

End: 05:43 PM, 10/25/2014

Adventist News Network


Adventist pastor in Ukraine released from detention

Litovchenko was held for 20 days


Adventist leaders approve new administrative unit in Central America

South Central American Union Mission to become two unions


Suggested revisions to Adventist Church Manual include matters on discipline

Executive Committee sends edits to next July’s GC Session for consideration

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