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Carenage Seventh-day Adventist Church
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Trinidad and Tobago

Church Dedication Pictures

Church Dedication Pictures 2

Staying Young



If you like chewing ice you might make your dentist despair. You could crack a tooth. However, It...


Green-Eyed Monsters?

Because I’m well past retirement age, people think that work-related problems don’t affect me. Ho...


On Eagle’s Wings

I placed the last piece of luggage in the rental car and walked back to our cabin. My footsteps e...



Welcome, the pastor and members of the Carenage Seventh-day Adventist Church extend a warm and

heartfelt welcome to you.

We are so happy you decided to spend some time with us through this site. We hope you feel the warmth of

Jesus flowing through our experiences and history. 

As this site grows we want you to grow with us and the many links will lead you into a richer experience

with our forever friend, Jesus.   

Thank You and May the God of peace reign in your heart.


  "A revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs."

Ellen G. White


Carenage SDA Church Was Dedicated on 26 January 2014


"We've Come This Far By Faith"










 End It Now



Baptist Pastor/Doctor Understands SabbathTruth 


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  Join Us and the World Church Body of Adventist in starting the BIBLE READING Plan -


It is NOT TOO late to start...








 This site was last updated on August 21, 2014


Adventist Review

More Than 100 South Americans to Share Jesus in Egypt

Young people sign up for Colombia Adventist University’s school of missions after a major congress.

Adventist Church Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Hijab Case

A church lawyer says the case, if left unchecked, could risk the workplace rights of Sabbath-keep...

Adventist News in Brief

A roundup of church news from the U.S., Vanuatu, Venezuela, and Suriname.

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Adventist News Network


Adventist Church files amicus brief for workplace religious freedom case at top U.S. court

Church hopes Supreme Court will take case of Muslim girl who was denied job


Adventist Church appoints Reece, Williams honorary Health Ministries leaders

Maryland's medical school dean, Harvard public health professor to promote Church’s evidence-base...


Adventist Church sponsors its first religious liberty festival in Britain

2,000 attend the ‘Free to Worship’ festival

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